Introduction to Routing

Start from the entrance of Hok Tau Country Trail and proceed along a neatly arranged plantation then gently climb up to the Pat Sin Leng Country Park lookout. Here you can overlook the stunning view of rural Hok Tau nestled under Nam Shan and Kwai Tau Leng. After passing San Uk Tsai Village, you will arrive at the natural wetlands which support a great diversity of wildlife. Then you can choose to leave the trail via Sha Tau Kok Road upon Tan Chuk Hang or walk along the tree-lined Hok Tau Road to return to the barbecue site at the entrance of the country trail to end the journey.  Note: This route is easy and suitable for families with kids.


Distance: Approx. 2.5 km    Time: Approx. 1 hour    Level of difficulty: 2 stars

Starting Point: Hok Tau Management Centre

End Point: Hok Tau Management Centre

Transportation: Take Minibus No. 52B from MTR Fanling Station to Hok Tau Wei and walk to the starting point.

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