How to greet hike fellows whilst observing safety practices

It’s always nice to say ‘Hello’ and extend positive wishes to fellow hikers when bumping into others on the hiking trails. As the pandemic continues, we would like to introduce these three fun ways to show your courtesy while maintaining social distancing obligations:

1.ModeMacho Mode – Elbow-to-Elbow 

2.Hipster Mode – Head Nod 

3.Funny Mode –Wink

How to Stay Cool on the Summer Hike Tips

The most popular ways to stay cool on the Summer Hike

Hiking in summer can be a challenge due to the searing heat and endless sunshine beating down! Apart from sunglasses, the trusty wide-brimmed hat and plenty of ice-cold water, the following equipment can help you to cool off and beat the heat!


2.”Iced” towel

3.Fever paste/cooling patches

Actions to take for pandemic prevention whilst hiking

As the pandemic continues to affect our life, people are rediscovering the enjoyment from outdoor exercise, hiking in particular. However, it is important to pay close attention to preventive measures along the way. You should ensure you are well prepared and remain vigilant whilst hiking.

1. Wear a mask at all times
To protect yourself and your hiking friends, please make sure to wear a face mask at all times, as you cannot predict when you will come into contact with other people, and potentially in close proximity in the middle of some hiking routes. Therefore, good mask-wearing practice is essential.

2.Bring hand sanitizer with you
At regular times during your hike and especially before eating whilst on hiking routes, remember to use hand sanitizer to sterilize your hands. Use of hand sanitizer before eating helps to kill bacteria and prevent infection.

3.Maintaining social distance
Please keep a distance of 2 to 3 meters between you and others during hiking. Be mindful that you must also keenly follow rules on preventing close body contact with others.

Essential “Must-do” actions for hiking
Your 3 steps to pandemic prevention and cleanliness…

All hikers need to be well prepared before and during their hiking expedition, and you must pay close attention to preventive measures along the way. When the hike is over, it is really important that hikers remain vigilant and observe safety measures to protect themselves, their friends and their family members. Upon arriving at home, stay alert to risks and avoid bringing bacteria into the house.

Step 1: Before entering the home, take off your shoes, and then use 1:99 diluted household bleach solution to wipe the top and soles of your shoes. This is a reliable method for greatly reducing the risk of walking in harmful bacteria into the house.

Step 2: Get changed immediately and clean your clothes as soon as you arrive back at home. Use disinfectants and household cleaners to clean surfaces of your clothing and then wash your clothes the same day after your hike. This helps to stop the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Step 3: Thoroughly clean and disinfect all of your hiking equipment you took on your hike. The simplest method is to use 75% medicinal alcohol to sterilize and kill the bacteria, which is effective on many types of surfaces and fabrics.

Remember, you must take pandemic mitigation measures seriously before, during and after hiking. This will bring you peace of mind and enable you to enjoy exploring the great outdoors, even in these complicated Corona times!

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