WeWalk for 10000 Steps

WeWalk for 10000 Steps.
We Walk to Win a Mobile Phone!
50 Mobile Phones to Giveaway to Participants!

In order to encourage Hong Kong citizens to “Walk for Health”, a campaign of “WeWalk for 10000 Steps” will also be held on 7th December after the launching ceremony of 2nd CMHK Hong Kong Hiking Festival.

Start appreciating Hong Kong with your eyes! In contrast to the bustling cityscape of Hong Kong, the unique and breathtaking landscapes of our 24 country parks radiate charm from different angles. Hence, on the day of the event (7th December from 10:00 to 23:59), participants only need to log in to MyLink App wherever they are, be they hiking in a mountain, walking in the street or anywhere, just use the pedometer on MyLink App to record their walking steps. Upon achieving 10,000 steps, participant will receive 10,000 MyLink Point on a first-come, first-served basis. Participant can then upload a photo that could best represent Hong Kong to “WeWalk for 10000 Steps” to take part in the campaign to win a chance for having a smart phone.

100 photos will be selected by a professional jury for public voting. Participants of the 50 photos of highest votes will have a chance to be awarded one designated smart phone, while 50 shortlisted entries will have a chance to receive one a designated first day cover.

In line with “We Walk for Health”, the campaign hopes to encourage all Hong Kong people to exercise for a healthy lifestyle. By walking and moving around daily, more Hong Kong citizens will appreciate the beautiful scenery in the rural and urban areas, and discover more charm of the metropolis.

Campaign Schedule
Event Date: 7th December 2019
Event Time: 10:00 – 23:59
Selection of Photos: 8th December to 15th December 2019
Public Voting: 00:00 on 15th December to 23:59 on 21th December 2018
Voting Channel: MyLink app
Results Announcement: 12:00 noon on 7th January 2019
Announcement Channel: MyLink app

Participation Method

  1. Download MyLink app
  2. Turn on the WeWalk pedometer
  3. 10,000 steps must be achieved on the day, upon which the pedometer will send a prompt
  4. Take a photo of Hong Kong on the same day with a title (Photo file limit: no more than 5MB), and upload it to WeWalk*


  1. Upon successfully achieving 10,000 steps, participant will receive 10000 MyLink Points on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. 100 photo entries will be selected by a professional jury for public voting. 50 photo entries of highest votes will be awarded one smartphone each, the remainder 50 shortlisted entries will each receive one a designated first day cover. Details are as follows:
Ranking Prize
Votes ranked 1st to 5th iPhone11Pro 512GB
Votes ranked 6th to 10th Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (256GB)
Votes ranked 11st to 20th iPhone11 256GB
Votes ranked 21st to 30th Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (256GB)
Votes ranked 31st to 40th HUAWEI P30 Pro (512GB)
Votes ranked 41st to 50th HUAWEI P30 (128GB)
Votes ranked 51st to 100th A designated first day cover

* Please click here for the terms and conditions.

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