Introduction to Routing

Start from the Lion Pavilion on Shatin Pass Road to ascend the Lion Rock via Unicorn Ridge, and then pass through the Shatin Ancient Trail, which used to be the connecting road between the New Territories and Kowloon, to arrive at Beacon Hill, where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the entire Kowloon Peninsula. Then climb to the hilltop of the Eagle’s Nest, which is named after the Black Kites (Milvus Migrans) settling there. Then continue onwards on Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail and the fifth section of MacLehose Trail to arrive at the Kowloon Reservoir to end the journey.

Note: This route has multiple forks and is advisable to walk with someone familiar with this route.


Distance: Approx. 8 km    Time: Approx. 5 hours    Level of difficulty: 3 stars

Starting point: Shatin Pass Road (Lion Pavilion)

End point: Tai Po Road Bus Stop at Kowloon Reservoir, where there are multiple bus routes to Kowloon or The New Territories

Transportation: Turn left at Exit A of MTR Wong Tai Sin Station and take Tze Wan Shan green minibus at the roundabout and get off at Shatin Pass Road.

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