Introduction to Routing

Tai Mo Shan Country Park occupies an area of 1,400 hectares and was designated as the highest country park in Hong Kong by the AFCD in February 1979. Due to Tai Mo Shan’s 958m altitude, it is the highest of all mountains in Hong Kong. Start hiking from Chuen Lung Village, where its homegrown tea and Watercress are most popular among hikers. Walk upward in the direction of Heung Shek Cemetery from Chuen Lung Village and then turn right at the middle section and head down. Soon you will see the “Lung Mun Country Trail” archway on the side of the road. You can then follow the tree-lined winding road and overlook the broad view of Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi along the way. After crossing the three wood bridges at Tai Yuen Stream, you will reach Shing Mun Forest Track at the end of the trail. Finally follow the Pineapple Dam Nature Trail and walk towards the Pineapple Dam Minibus Stop to end the journey.


Distance: Approx. 5 km     Time: Approx. 2.5 hours    Level of difficulty: 3 stars

Starting point: Chuen Lung Village Bus Stop at Tai Mo Shan Country Park (Choi Lung Restaurant)

End Point: Pineapple Dam Minibus Stop at Shing Mun Country Park (can take minibus back to Tsuen Wan)

Transportation: Take Green Minibus No. 8 from Chuen Lung Street of Tsuen Wan to Chuen Lung Village.

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