Introduction to Routing

Start from the Peak Tower at the Peak Galleria via The Peak Lookout, a Grade II historic building, then turn into Lugard Road and walk counterclockwise. Along the way, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the strait of Hong Kong Island West, Stonecutters Bridge and thousands of buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbour. Upon arriving at the intersection of Lugard Road and Harlech Road, turn right into Hatton Road, and pass through Lung Fu Shan Country Park to go downhill. Then follow the directional signage to find the relic of the coastal defense Pinewood Battery which was built in 1903. After Pinewood Battery, return to Hatton Road and proceed toward Kotewall Road, on the way you can see the “City Boundary Stone” of Victoria City that was erected in 1903. After that, turn into University Avenue and enter the campus of The University of Hong Kong, the oldest institution of higher learning in Hong Kong. Upon arrival at HKU President’s Residence on No. 1 University Avenue, you can take a good look of the HKU campus, and then end the journey at the MTR at University Station.


Distance: Approx. 4.5km   Time: Approx. 2 hours   Lever of difficulty: 2 stars

Starting point: The Peak Tower, The Peak Galleria

End point: President’s Residence, No. 1 University Avenue

Transportation: Take Bus No. 15 from Exchange Square Bus Terminus at MTR Hong Kong Station Exit A to arrive the starting point

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