Introduction to Routing

Start hiking from Hap Mun Bay Beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery and emerald waters of Hap Mun Bay. The hiking trail entrance towards Kiu Tsui (Sharp Island) right next to the picnic site on the beach. When up at the hilltop of Hak Shan Teng, you can overlook a breath-taking panorama of the coastline and the tombolo of Sharp Island.

After hiking for just an hour, Kiu Tsui Beach comes into sight. Then cross the tombolo and follow the trail up Kiu Tau. From the hilltop lookout there, the magnificent scenery of Hap Mun Bay, Port Shelter and the Clear Water Bay unfolds in a distance. After that, you can return to the main island via the tombolo and walk towards the direction of Kiu Tsui Beach until arriving at the end point at Kiu Tsui Pier.

Starting point: Hap Mun Bay Beach

End point: Kiu Tsui Pier

Distance: Approx. 3 km Time: Approx. 2 hours Difficulty: 2 stars


Take Bus No. 92 from Diamond Hill MTR (Exit C2) to Sai Kung Town, or take Bus No. 299X from Sha Tin New Town Plaza Bus Terminus to Sai Kung Town.

Then board a kaito at Sai Kung Public Pier to Hap Mun Bay. The kaito ride takes about 15 minutes.

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