Introduction to Routing

Start with taking ferry from Sai Kung Wong Shek Pier (Wong Shek – Wan Tsai – Chek Keng Ferry) to Wan Tsai Peninsula (Sai Kung West Country Park (Wan Tsai Extension)), inside which there are large-sized campsites and a number of camping facilities (South Campsite and West Campsite), as well as a nature trail, a orienteering trail and a cross-country bike trail. On return, exit Lan Lo Au along Tai Tan Country Trail towards Wong Shek Pier direction, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of nearby Tap Mun, Ko Lau Wan and Sharp Peak along the way. Then walk pass Tai Tan Campsite and Wong Shek Water Sports Centre to return to Wong Shek Pier to take bus back to Sai Kung.


Hiking Distance: Approx. 7 km    Duration: Approx. 4 hours    Difficulty: 3 stars

Starting Point: Wong Shek Pier

Finishing Point: Wong Shek Pier

Transportation: Take KMB route No. 94 from Sai Kung town centre to and from Wong Shek Pier

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